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Welcome to DMV Consultancy

Whether you are currently recruiting, looking for advice on industry recruitment trends or simply wants to source information on expected salary rates, we can help.

DMC Consultancy International is a leading professional recruitment agency specializing in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions on behalf of the world's top companies.

The quality of our service is demonstrated by the fact that over 90% of our current business comes from referrals and repeat clients.

Reasons to partner with DMV Consultancy


Over 90% of our current business comes from personal referrals and repeat clients

Our Sourcing Digital Marketing Venture (DMV)

We will deliver a fully comprehensive sourcing strategy that covers standard forms of sourcing as well as innovative solutions to ensure we are attracting the most suitable candidates in the market. We work with each of our clients to develop a sourcing solution based on a combination of the following:

Targeted Candidate Solutions

International Database: We offer one of the most extensive candidate databases in the world, with all job seekers interviewed and screened prior to registration.

International Sourcing: We are one of the few recruitment companies with a team specifically dedicated to sourcing candidates from around the world, including top expatriate talent.

Targeted Search: We have a dedicated research team that analyses the market to identify the most suitable talent for your organisation.

Network / Referrals: We have built up an extensive candidate network in our 9 years of operation. Each consultant also has a personal network of contacts from which to gauge interest and solicit referrals.

Online Advertising / Social Media: As one of the largest national and international advertisers, we guarantee prime positioning and visibility in the print media to ensure maximum response.

Non-IT Recruitment

It requires a lot of understanding of various domains and expertise in hiring when it comes to hire for Non-IT domain. We are catering to a wide range of Non-IT Industries. We have domain specialist recruiters who work on your recruitments.

Contract Staffing

We provide contract staffing to every one: No matter if you are an Individual, Start-up or an established company. Our Contract Staffing service will help you to quickly deploy the qualified consultant(s) in your project as many as are required to cover up the short-term and long-term requirements. Payment terms vary with the terms of contract.
Benefits: Immediate availability of the consultants, Cost effective, we take care of Payroll of the consultants. Can increase or decrease the number as per your needs.

Candidate Verification

Behavioural Based Interviewing (BBI):

Each candidate that is registered on our database has been personally interviewed by a DMV Consultant. We use BBI that focus on actions and behaviours, rather than subjective impressions, to make a more accurate assessment of a candidate’s suitability. Research indicates behavioural based interviewing is five times more likely to provide accurate predictions of future workplace behaviours than traditional interviewing techniques.

Reference Checking:

We conduct detailed reference checks and will provide a summary of the feedback to clients.

  • CIO / CTO
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Business Analysis
  • IT Project and Programme Management
  • IT Support
  • IT Systems and Testing
  • Senior IT Management
  • IT Data Analysis
  • IT Development
  • ERP
  • Systems Administration
  • IT Architecture
  • Networks
  • Security
  • Corporate consultancy
  • Technology consultancy
  • Consulting
  • Senior Technical
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit